NOVOL distributes products on a great scale to Western and Eastern Europe, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, and Africa. We manufacture 1300 over different products on 10 production lines. Our manufacturing and store rooms comprise over 17,000 square metres. The annual production output is 18,200 tons with 13,000 tons exported to almost 50 countries across the globe. The needs of specific markets are addressed by our trading partners in Germany, Russia, and Ukraine.

The company was established in a small, ninety square metre workshop. At the time, a limited assortment of products made with the use of hand tools was enough to satisfy the local market needs. Currently, after over 30 years of development, the products with the NOVOL logo on them are delivered to customers in Western and Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Our plants occupy an area of 7000 square metres. We also have trade partners in Germany, Russia, Ukraine and Azerbaijan.

NOVOL is particularly focused on improving work efficiency at painting shops. Hence, we provide training courses for painters and on-site presentations of our systems. Our numerous satisfied customers get their education at the NOVOL Training Centre. The students apply from Poland and bothWestern and Eastern Europe.We have an average of 5000 participants per annum. To meet customer demands, our Representatives and Technicians do system presentations at customer's locations. The personnel maintain relations with the customers and ensure the best quality of cooperation. Their duties include cost optimisation consulting and painting technology supervision.



Founded in Husum, Germany in 2004, the company with the strong brand has grown and developed to one of the leading system supplier in the field of automotive paint refinishing products. Our product range from approximately 1,000 items is processed in over 50 countries. A proof of our high quality and market expertise. Basis for the success is a value-oriented corporate culture, strong customer focus, professional employees, continuous innovation and excellent quality. 4CR – we work for your success!


BEFAR Company is the biggest producer of compounding foam in TURKY.the company offer a wide range of materials that includes various type of VELCRO compounding foam and compounding foam with different size and type which help customer to achieve to desirable result. Our products can use in several field like: Automotive Industry, Aircraft Repairing, Furniture Manufacturing Industry, Marine Industry and …. . Our products are using and approved by professional experts in more than 25 countries in AFRICA, EUROP and ASIA.


The target of our company is to be pioneer producer on the world, which is open to innovations and developments, making production with high quality with minimum cost by using our resources effectively.By production of Lamb Skin Polishing Pad, our company is engaged in activity in Automotive OEM and repairing group since 1984. It is the only company preferred by the factories, which are manufacturing automobile and commercial vehicles, leader in its subject, and by the supporting industry.

England, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain nad Singapore were added to export of our company started with India and Egypt since the year 1999. UFS Co. has become production center of world’s leading automotive factories, supporting industry and repairing groups on Lamb Skin Polishing Pad.

Last year it has exported 78% of its production to overseas. For next year design of our new products is being prepared and its works are continuing. Lamb Skin Polishing Pad production, which belongs to our company, and the machines including them have been registered with the number TR2004-02091 y by R.T. Patent Institute.

Gamma Tinner

Since its origins in 1982, Gamma Thinner Co., has been characterized by its innovation and the quality of its products in the Iranian market; its focus, on what at that time, was consider an unexplored, but promising field, in the automotive coating and paint industry, has turn on to be a stroke of brilliance, as this sectors has grown enormously through the years.

Today, Gamma Thinner Co is one of the leading supplier of automotive coatings in Iran, with a production capacity of more than 10,000 tons per year, including OEM Paints, plastisol, polymeric parts coating and refinishes. In its 12,500m² plant, certified with ISO9001 and ISO TS, more than 100 employees work every day on its production facilities, as they do also in the diverse laboratories for QC and R&D in both field of paint & plastisol .

Looking forward to continue its strong position in the field and given the growing production rate of the car industry in Iran, (currently estimated in more than 1,200,000 passenger cars per year from brands such as Peugeot, Renault, Mazda, Suzuki, Nissan, Hyundai and several local manufacturers) Gamma Thinner Co. has concluded the planning and is ready to start the construction of a brand new, state-of-the-art 50,000 m² production plant, where its new water borne coatings and electro deposition (ED) technologies will be produced.

Sab sazan

SABSAZAN IRANIAN is the first producer of silicone free polish in IRAN.SAB SAZAN produces under the brand of "K1 and SAB SAZAN".it has different range of polishes which designed for completing the painting process and treating substrates very well. One of the most important reasons that car producer use K1 polishes in their production line is that, they are free of silicone. K1 can compete with the best product of the world very easily and it has reasonable price.